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Sunday, July 8, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in DelRey, California on 2016-07-27 21:30:00 - I was outside facing east. "directly" over my head at helicopter altitude, a huge craft silently and slowly glided crossed the fresnoyosemite fat landing approach, towards the sierra nevada foothills where i was certain it would crash. even called 911

I was sitting in a loungechair on the roof/loft of my outdoor dove enclosure with my dogs as i do most evening. my chair faces east towards the sierra nevada mtns. the fresno yosemite airport approach is directly north of me maybe 5 miles. so sigoting there i regularly see planes left of center making the turn to land heading west nw, helicopter patrols pass by at least once a week. and in those mountains are many reseviors so i also see tons of geoengineering activity. so... you can imagine my supprise when, from behind and dirrectly over my head, the huge craft with spots on fire silenyly lumbers on by. it was so close i could not see its shape from any perspective except the bottom and by the tume i could see the back it was just a light. i was sure it was going to crash into the foothills and so i called the police. they said reports of meteor showers and quickly moved on to next caller. honestly i was at a loss for words and they were busy. so something in the sky was about to hit foothills is all i got out. but i did manage to get vid of a lwhire dot in black lol. point is it didnt blaze by.. not even whisle by.. i literally lumbered silently. thinking back i dont know what stopped it from dropping right down. because besides slow, i could see no wings it hear any engines. my last observation... in the distance near foothills the one light i was watching turned to two. i thought maybe it broke apart and ultimately crashed. though i didnt see a crash. it was definitely still in the air when the light slit next mornings reading. chinesespace junk crashes in f'n utah !! so my guess is the light split was maybe some propulsion that kickes in to get it over the mountain range. lonely spec has a vid on youtube that is an awesome side view from a camping spot. look at the spees and trajectory. it assends and decends. notice most vid comments think there are multiple objects when i know it was one large flaming object. also archived fat tower to ground control recordings are calm conversation about it and how in 20 year at least one tower guy has never seen anythibg like it. more than curious to know what u know

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Credit: MUFON

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