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Monday, July 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Vancouver, British Columbia on 2017-09-03 22:33:00 - It met airplane and it vanished at airplane its lights or sparkles went out as they intercepted each other spectacular interception why was this missed on the news it docked on plane looks military usa

Sitting on front deck staring at sky and 2minutes from sitting down this captivated my eyes and its landing brought me to tears because it was perfect landing at plane docking. the object was like a giant cigar with sparklers like sparklers at halloween solid sparklers like a giant sparkler it was very beautifulbright white consistent sparklersall over it. looks mechanichal like halloween sparkler. why did the news media lie about this. please help me understand. they said it was a meteorite . and they reported it to be seen as far away as alberta. i say impossible they also reported different dates it was suppose to be in sky. i noted they were wrong about their date . definitely not a meteorite. something to do with usa and military please help me. this was straight in front of me totally unobstructed i had aperfect front row seat. i am an artist . this could easily be reconstructed. by the way i have seen lots of strange things since this but personally i am not ready to discuss my other stuff. some quite traumatic and some quite beautiful and also unexplained. cant rationalize the other things i have witnessed......Please contact me if you can fill in the missing pieces of this occurrence........ thank you. i have been wondering a long time about this sighting i kept silent because wanted to see if any other news regarding this sighting would surface. and nothing happened and my view was spot on so i know people were keeping correct info from media and why did the media lie about date of sighting and and not report the plane that it landed with. this is what brought me to tears because it was so perfect right in front of me thanks plese get back to me on this regards karen

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Credit: MUFON

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