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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Summerland Key, Florida on 2017-09-21 00:00:00 - This was a mothership: translucent, self illuminated tube with a half circle head on leading edge

Hurricane irma passed through the florida keys 7 months ago.. my home there was ground zero. devastation everywhere. i sat on my front deck about 10pm facing north toward the gulf of mexico drinking a beer wondering how the hell i'm going to recover from this storm when suddenly i see a light out in the gulf. initially it looked like a blimp lit up from the inside. it started to get bigger and i realized it was coming toward me, as it got closer, i quickly realized this is not a blimp. omg its a spaceship. a football field size tube with a half circle head on the leading edge. it's low maybe 1000 ft up, self illuminated, coming straight for me. it's covered in a thin layer of cloud. which is rolling off the leading edge as it moves forward.. it comes right over.. i see a light in the half circle head. i think it was an energy source. it looks translucent but its not. like chromatophores. it's coming to me at about 40 mph. zero sound. it flies into a single small cloud just above my home and doesn't emerge. this was a mothership, later that night i went to sleep but woke with a splitting headache at 4:15am and from a very strange dream. i never get headaches. i get out of bed remembering the ship. i walk over to my french doors facing the gulf and look up. there's bright white light 50 ft up, just blinking. i freak the hell out, run to get my contacts in. i bolt outside and it's gone.. the next two nights i stand on my upper deck mentally ask them to come back. each night a low flying v shaped craft (with no lights), looked like a v shaped boomerang flew over. i've had one session with a contactee psychic. she told me i was not abducted but instead chipped. supposedly its a chip for communicating. which was why they came back the following two nights at my request. i am a retired engineer, this happened.

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Credit: MUFON

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