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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bearsden, Scotland on 2018-06-27 23:27:00 - Bright star in night sky 11.25pm_out of nowhere a verybrightstarlight appeared_stationary several minutes_moved right to brightstar_then upwards past another bright star_watched it vanished like a pinpoint of light.

Usually i stand out the back garden late at night watching the night sky, i observe the stars (orion), planes (local airport stuff), the moon periods, cloud formations and listen to the animal and lessened traffic sounds of the night. i like to watch the bright star above the scottish west coast night sky (june-july). it was around 11.25pm on the 27th june 2018, when out of nowhere a very bright star/light appeared to the left of the bright star, this light was brighter than the bright star, pure white and stayed stationary for several minutes, i watched transfixed trying to figure it out. then the ufo moved slowly to the right towards the bright star in the sky. the object/light moved sideways towards bright star but before it reached the bright star it went upwards diagonally, past the left side of another bright star (maybe sirius a). i watched as it vanished up into the nightsky past the other stars and vanished like a pinpoint of light going out. the ufo appeared to maintain a constant speed, no heat trails, only one diagonal turn as it moved updards at the 2 o'clock position, heading past the blinking-flashing other bright star high in the night sky, possibly(sirius a-b)the star that flashes different colors. one of those ones that take your breath away, very bright light/brighter than the bright star i was watching in the nightsky/stationary at first/moved right slowly/then upwards diagonally to the right/past the inside of the other bright blinking star/it must have been travelling fast at that point to disappear into the night sky past other stars. it reminded me a bit of what the early tube tv's uded to do when you switched the set of, you got a small pin like light in the centre of screen that faded and vanished as you watched it switch itself off.

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Credit: MUFON

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