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Thursday, July 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Red Bank, South Carolina on 2018-07-21 20:15:00 - 2 identical objects (seperated by ~20 degrees) each bright white objects like two marshmallows glued together. steady straight line path moving south.

I was in the kitchen, my son ran in, imploring me to come outside. i quickly went out, and watched these two bright white objects in the distant evening sky. then i thought to get a camera, but couldn't find the fujifilm camera. so i went and got my cell phone. i managed to capture mostly blurred video, and a few seconds of less blurry video. inside my mind i was cussing and angry because we had no good equipment to capture my first truly unknown sky object. though at the time i figured probably when we saw the video, it would just be distant planes. i see now-- these are no planes! they followed the exact same path, speed never varying, but the overall shape is oval with two bright (perfect circle) lighted areas that take up almost the whole figure. either this, or it looks like two spheres practically connected directly. but the speed is too great for balloons or dirigibles. also how could the aerodynamics allow such a speed for such a non aerodynamic conventional craft to even move at that speed? (probably certainly over 100 mph. no sound whatsoever. the video was filmed at 8x- the best the cell phone could do, and mostly never focused properly. again, i'm upset to have only old frumpy equipment, and not been prepared to capture a mysterious event. i threw the phone in my pocket in a huff, and sauntered back inside the house. my computer still runs windows vista, so i am having trouble finding a video editor to remove a minute of "cell-phone-recording-in-the-pocket" portion. so my wife, my son and myself are direct witnesses of these objects. what are these things? my submitted name is a pseudonym. i'm a private person, but would like to hear if anyone can id these objects. thanks.

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Credit: MUFON

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