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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Paradise, Newfoundland and Lab on 2018-05-21 16:54:00 - A dark red/brown curved crescent shape object was spotted moving in a straightline at very high speeds but moved side to side like a pendulum in its travel

Ufo on may 21, 2018 victoria day weekend, monday @ approx 4:54 pm(16:54 hrs) ndt i was sitting at my backyard patio table resting before doing more gardening i saw an strange object above paradise, nl i first thought it was a bird because of certain motions it made but changed my mind very soon @ an altitude of approx 1 km above me and left of me at the ten o'clock position due west of where i was sitting i was facing due north it flew very fast and in the direction of the st john's airport, to the northeast its path was visually right over top and in front of my house the sighting last 10 to 15 seconds as it disappeared from sight because of the distance it traveled it was darkish and maybe a hint of dark red(or brown) to it the object looked like it was 30 to 50 feet in width as it was crescent shaped it was hard to really approx a width because of its motion in the sky it looked hollow in the center, like a crescent, with no tail section or maybe a slight pointed one in the center rear? it also appeared to be curved from tip to tip rather then straight like an airplane's wings but it was hard to see it's exact shape because of its motion in the sky the movement in the air was very peculiar as it did not travel smoothly in a straight line but rather rocked from side to side as if it were the bottom of a pendulum but still in a straight line distance traveled approx 6 kms as sketched on a map i calculated its air speed at 10 sec speed 2160 km/hr at 15 sec speed 1440 km/hr it made no noise at those speeds i should have heard a sonic boom the sky was clear i had just seen a helicopter pass in front of my location some crows flying low in front to the north and group of sea gulls, over head which brought my attention to the ufo if i hadn't been looking at the sea gulls i won't have seen the ufo i noted that i could see belle island very clearly some 8 kms away also i could see the land on the other side of conception bay some 56 km away i'm at 526 feet above sea level unobstructed northerly view of belle island and northern conception bay the weather was warm and the skies clear(very few clouds) and very little wind i went into the house and noted the time of 4:54pm i don't have any idea what this was it's unidentified it is not meteorological or reflection of the sun(as the object was dark) it had no fuselage or noticeable tail section like a "normal" airplane i saw no moving parts, like propellers it made no noise but it had a very strange motion to it and was very fast i have made maps using google maps i have used these maps for distances i used the time i saw it in the air to calculate its speed i printed out the weather that day from time and date website i will always remember its strange rocking motion and how fast it went

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Credit: MUFON

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