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Sunday, July 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Neum√ľnster, Schleswig-Holstein on 2018-07-02 01:00:00 - White light crossed over house, other lights hovering an moving around, possible drones as well.

Around 1 a.M. , maybe a bit earlier at the 2.6.2018. i went outside for a smoke after having watched team echo fox vs cloud 9 compeating in the na lcs at home. a white light passed the sky, because of that i noticed it, and i've gotten curious. it was glowing , it was hovering slowly and made no to me percievable sound, as it reached to the last destination i looked at it(around 118°se of the location), it started moving slowly higher in altitude. i tried to figure what it was , though i couldn't figure it . i checked on other lights on the sky, since i also saw a red and green lighting object, there was solid material realisable at that, countrary to the one described just before, thought it could be a drone of sorts.I've noticed this one through the movement it made and the lights shining from it. there's been another glowing white light at the sky(around 268°w) , which i first deemed a star , it moved though , made regular jumps , made something that looked like a circal, though a bit verticular, it gave of smaller pulses of light in a cone, there had also been red lightstripes going of from it, rarely countrary to the else white light it made, and sometimes it made small "jumps" back and forth. later on it started moving higher in altitude. while i stared at it , it felt like i could have been dragged into it, feeling a bit like a fish getting distracted by a light to get caught, so i stopped glaring at it. there has also been a craft, which made red and green lights not to far away from it on the sky, though closer to me and earth, which i deamed another dronetype craft, though i lost track of it observing the sky. i've looked above the place i stood and there was another lightbulb, this one more blue then the others, that also made smaller jumps, or did at least not stay at 1 place, thought it's some kind of craft. i went inside to get my mobilephone to see if it can make a video or pictures with this light, while i was observing the second light, and it couldn't. offers and i've desided to go in before i spot more moving lights. during the observation , the housecat came back and went inside. it didn't want to leave the house again yet, which is unusual behavior for it. i went inside again , that's how i lost track of these. i went outside around 1.50 a.M. to see if could make more observations or see how the sky is sorted right now. there was a cracking sound somewhere in the bushes and i felt the need to use a hostile aura to keep myself safe.

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Credit: MUFON

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