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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Christchurch, Canterbury on 2018-07-21 02:55:00 - Spread out v shape, dim light, many orbs? unsure of altitude.

1) i was home, letting my 6 month old puppy out to do her business on a cold 2 degree winter night, she gets scared outside at night so i go out with her,the spot where my dogs go is dark, so i was standing on the edge between shadow and light, with no light on my face. naturally i just gaze up at the sky taking in the view, since the earthquakes of 2011 theres very little light pollution for a suburb, even 7 years on due to the lack of activity in the city centre, so the views are rather good. these past few weeks i enjoy seeing mars and how it keeps getting brighter each week.The yard is about 3 and a half meters wide maybe 4 meters, i was in the middle 2) as i was looking down at my dog, she was messing around playing with a stick when i notice a steady moving object at the corner of my eye i look up. 3) i don't know what i thought it was, awstruck, fear, in that case i knew it wasn't natural. 4) not sure if it was one as a whole or many, it was in a spread out v shape, like the formation of geese flying, it was moving at a steady pace, the altitude is unknown, but close enough to lose sight, the sky was barely clouded, yet this thing was very hard to see, with as much focus i could make out approximately 5 or more very dim red lights/orbs on each side. going in a straight line, no sound at all not breaking formation, but i swear the was a darker/black shape behind it, so it could have been one. (note i am wide awake for this) 5-6) my body froze, shivers down my spine, i've seen "sightings" before, none so much, heck not even as close to what i just saw, the only things you see here in christchurch / new zealand is a limited amount of planes which can always be heard loud and clear durig the night, but not at this time of morning (estimate 2:50- 3:00 am) shooting stars and the occasional satellite streaking across the sky, but this was much closer. as i saw it move out of sight (a good 20 seconds of seeing it at least), roof of the house blocking my view, i move away from the house to see more sky and it is gone. it's scary to think of these sightings little own experience them in nz, reportings are rare here, and we don't have the tech to investigate, i probably wouldn't have reported if it weren't for me unable to stop thinking about it. it's times like these where you wish you had your camera on you, my camera could have got a good picture of this.

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Credit: MUFON

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