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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Erlanger, Kentucky on 2018-07-18 06:50:00 - Stereotypical cigar shape you always hear about; looked like a hovering white tic-tac and moderately faster than an airplane.

I was near the kenton co. library on the hulbert side. i had gone outside to ground myself because i was having a stressful morning. i had my eyes shut while vaping, and not a minute later i opened my eyes and saw a cigar shaped ufo directly in my line of sight while facing east. it was coming from the sw and appeared to already be in transit. the object may have been lower than an oridnary plane would be in that are, but probably larger than some, or at least over 100 ft long and maybe 30ft high from my perspective. my immediate reaction was surprise, yet i had no doubt about it being anything other than a ufo. i watched it continue towards the ne for about one minute until it veered into a more northern direction, crossing i275. i watched it for another minute or so until it was out of view. the object was a dull flat white and gave the impression it was floating rather than being propelled, even though it maintained a consistent speed and height before going out of view. it was a clear blue sky with no clouds in the area. i could not take my eyes off of it, not even to take a picture unfortunately, because i was stuck in the moment and worried i would miss something. however, i creatd a quick mock of it using ms paint to give you the general idea. i would like to add that i am at the library frequently and have seen a single black helicopter fly over the area from the east (usually between 8-10am) that would circle around, sometimes going west and other times north, before going out of view. this has happened on more than one occasion this summer alone.

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Credit: MUFON

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