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Saturday, July 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on 1964-03-10 21:02:00 - Face image

Lumsden /rhynie 1964 i remember when i was at school and we used to go visit a guy in lumsden . called john mcewan , my father was friendly with him . and he had a morris traveller . i remember clearly being in the back of the morris looking out the window , it was a gloomy night , cloud with bare patches of sky . i was just sitting looking up at sky and i clearly saw a face in the bare part of sky between clouds. i cried and told my dad ,look , he turned to look and looked back and i cuddled in to him but his arm was in a way on seat that i kept peeking through the gap between his arm and seat , a bearded mans face , clear , big eyes , and the cloud went over the image and when the cloud cleared again the face was gone , when i got home i heard my dad say that i got a scare, my mum asked why . and i remember my dad saying a face in the sky . and my mum shunned the idea and told him he was being stupid . another time many years later when i had a car and was travelling over cairn o mount , i was driving a morris oxford and it was dark , very dark and i was taking my time , i looked towards a hill with trees , i thought it was the moon , but soon realised it wasn't as this light was first on my left then right then , flickerring and at tree level . i did stop because the car engine was playing up , when i went out of car i realised the moon was far up in sky out of my view , i got car running again and went on my way , but the light i saw had gone straight up and then i saw what i thought was that light , away over in clouds then disappeared

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Credit: MUFON

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