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Monday, July 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Auxvasse, Missouri on 2018-07-09 03:15:00 - Object moved in a steady path s-n. no noise. no blinking

I have been avidly observing the night sky with my bushnell 12x50 binoculars lately. it didn't take long to spot the first object.Moving north to south high in the eastern sky that night. since witnessing the first one i have kept a constant look out for them and have been able to spot between 1-3 every night free of cloud cover.At first they always seemed to travel to the south but recently i have seen them heading north, se, and sw. they seem to fly much higher than a standard passenger jet and in my estimation much faster as well(950 mph would be my untrained guess). never have i heard any noise from any of the objects. in total i estimate having seen about 20 of them in total over the course of the past month. on one sighting my wife and i were watching one travel south almost directly over my home. suddenly it change directions 180 degrees without a noticeable turn or even a change in speed. it was as if it was just going the way it had come in the blink of an eye. truthfully i had a sudden fear it had spotted me looking at it and was coming back for me. no such luck though lol. i have considered the possibilities that these objects could be either satellites or maybe drones of some kind. unfortunately i have yet to succeed capturing one on film as i just don't have the equipment after seeing the one make the about face i must rule those out. at this point i have no idea what they are but would sure like to put this mystery to rest. i thought it worth mentioning that in addition to the craft, my wife and i have both witnessed a fast moving(much faster than above described craft) glowing green-orange light in the sky. its seems like a flash almost. blink and you missed it. it can only be spotted by chance it seems. it does not appear to have any structure or solidity to it. just a weird light in the sky. it just so happens i saw it tonight and when i looked at the spot through the binoculars viola- one of the other objects was right there moving opposite the direction the flash traveled.

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Credit: MUFON

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