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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in East Los Angeles, California on 2018-07-22 05:15:00 - Was watching for meteor shower and saw 2 stars appear to move. they crossed paths and faded. then one star started moving, followed it from n to e

I know that there was an upcoming meteor shower so i was standing outside before the sun rose and then it was probably about 5 in the morning and i was looking up facing n and i could barely see just a few stars and suddenly two stars started to move towards each other and their paths crossed and then slowly they faded away and then i looked around and i saw a group of stars and then one of them starts to move. it looked just like the other ones but it just starts to move and i thought was seeing things. i was confused. and i wasn't sure what it was but i knew it was definitely not a plane and not a jet and it wasn't a bird it just look like a star and it just look like it was moving but just barely so slightly and if you had just glanced up at the sky you wouldn't even have noticed it but if you looked at it long enough you could tell it was actually moving. i first saw it in the middle of the sky, i was facing n and i watched it go right directly above me and then i was facing s and it was high in the sky. i watched it as it made its way e then lost sight of it as the sky became brighter ( i was facing ne by then) it just looked like a regular star and i was amazed i couldn't believe it. i txt a couple of friends knowing they were asleep but hoping they saw my message because i couldn't take a pic or record it, it wouldnt show on my phone camera. it was crazy! i wonder if anyone else saw it. id love to know!!

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Credit: MUFON

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