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Sunday, July 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Washington, Washington on 2018-07-04 20:30:00 - Ufo that ejected white glowing object that went straight out at 25 degrees straight over mountain.

I was on my back porch watching the fireworks while it was still light outside and i noticed a ufo fly over my neighbors rooftop. at first i thought it was a drone but it didn't have any propellers and didn't make a sound. however, it did move with some characteristics of a drone by tilting as it turned. it did its movements smoothly though as it transitioned up and outward to pivot back to hover. at this moment i noticed a white object that flew out (couldn't see where it came from) from the area where the ufo was hovering. the warm yellow translucent half orb went straight out towards the mountain in our backyard at a 25 degree angle with no change in speed or sideways movement. it just went straight until it disappeared. the half orb had a glowing warm color to the top and a point on the bottom that glowed. it moved fast and was silent as it moved straight out. shortly after this there was a helicopter that came over our house and did a lap around the neighborhood then turned and left back in the direction it came. it was about an hour or so later when the light reappeared over the mountain as a solid red light. this could have been another orb but i did notice it had what appeared to be another green light similar to the last ufo but couldn't see it that well. it was first hovering about a mile or so out to the right side of the mountain than slowing descended down swirling like a leaf falling out of the sky to a dead stop prior to hitting the base of the mountain. it paused shortly before taking off really fast to the right at a high rate of speed. it again vanished. another ten minutes or so later it reappeared at the base of the mountain on the left side hovering near the bottom. it slowly ascended up the mountain and disappeared. it reappeared a short time later on the left side of the mountain higher up hovering then blinked out only to reappear towards the middle of the mountain to defend towards the bottom. i lost sight of the object behind the tree lines and the house in our backyard. i have film of the object when it appeared hovering over the mountain. the other footage i took later after that didn't come out that well off my wifes iphone.

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Credit: MUFON

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