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Thursday, July 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hanford, California on 2018-07-18 20:55:00 - Second time seeing a sequence of red flashing lights. the appeared to be in a line or a semi circle. i saw them at the same time of day both times, this time my huband and daughter saw them as well. the lights are faint and flash at different times.

I saw a faint red set of flashing lights in sky from my backyard about a week ago. i spotted them above the tree line but could not tell the distance. they moved in a consistent direction to the north at a consistent speed. my view was blocked by a tree pretty quickly after i saw them and i waited for them to move from behind the tree because i thought they were coming toward my direction but they never did. i walked to my fence line to see if i could still see them and i could not. a few airplanes flew past that area shortly after but they were not flying together. eventhough it was not what i am used to seeing, i chalked it up to being navy planes because hanford is near the navy base in lemoore. tonight, i was in the swimming pool with my daughter and i saw the same thing again in the exact same place in the sky. this time as it started to disappear behind the tree in the distance, i jumped out of the pool and ran over to the fence line and watched it disappear in the distance. my husband saw the end of the sighting this time with me. it was almost 9pm this time and probably a little bit less dark last time so perhaps 8:30 or so. i did not notice any sound or see any distinct shape of an object, just the lights. i cannot tell the size because i am not sure of the distance. the lights are very faint but i think the distance was not as far as it should be based on the faintness. it seems like i should have seen them come overhead while in the pool because me and my daughter had just been counting the few starsvthat were out. i think that is why i noticed them this time because i was looking around the sky. i am going to start looking at around 8:30 in the nights to come to see if it happens again and will bring my phone and camera. i saw a post from 2016 where someone reported a very similar thing in hanford, i wish i could talk to the person who reported that. i will update if i see anything further.

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Credit: MUFON

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