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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Glen Burnie, Maryland on 1995-11-03 21:30:00 - It was hovering right over my house we followed it about four blocks when it started to move and by that time it was going too fast for us to keep up we were following it on foot

I was 18 years old i was in the national guard i was being deployed to germany in the morning my brother called me for my mother's house where he did not live i was at my friend's house up the street and we ran to my house just as they said there was a ufo hovering just over my mother's house it done started to move towards bwi airport which was about a mile a mile and a half away we followed it on foot for a few blocks we got right underneath of it all my grandparents street about 4 blocks away we could hear the home we could feel the breeze blowing from it it was just above the treetops then it moved towards the airport faster than we could follow i took pictures and when i went to develop the film there was no film in my camera. other things have happened to me lost time woke up with marks on me and i don't have any memory of the ufo abduction. i've seen a lot of ufos one other time with my brother while camping in the mountains in western maryland where they seem to be trying to spell something out like connected thoughts this was years later i think in 2006 i always felt like they were following me but i really don't anymore

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Credit: MUFON

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