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Thursday, August 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in West Richland, Washington on 2018-08-01 22:30:00 - Second sighting in less than a month near my home.

I reported a strange object near my home on the 4th of july. i clearly saw this ufo and know it was no known plane i have ever seen in my life nor was it a drone based on how it was moving. tonight, i was standing outside in the same spot where i witness the last object and i noticed similar lights moving further out about 2 miles or so away. it had a green light, a red one, and a blinking red light. the colors were close to what i witnessed on the last ufo i reported. the only difference is the last set of lights included many more lights at the bottom of the ufo. this one it was hard to tell where the lights were on it. the lights kept disappearing from the my view point behind the tree line in my yard, so i decided this time to try to go after this light to film what it was. i have footage of this chase. from my vehicle i could only see the colors of the lights as they buzzed by my vehicle as i was trying to catch up with it. the lights disappeared near the same mountain where i reported the last lights. i tried to drive around the back side of the mountain but didn't witness any strange lights in the sky at first. i pulled over near us 82 and looked around while outside of my wife's vehicle. i looked up and witnessed a dull grey object a couple miles up heading north from my location. it moved in a straight path north and may have been a satellite. i drove back to my house after looking around for a while to talk to my wife about what i was seeing in the skies again. we both were standing out on my patio when the green and red lights showed up again from the area where i last saw them. this time the lights were headed right toward my home. i thought initially it was the object i saw on the 4th because the lights were the same color, but when it got close you could clearly see it was a single engine plane that for some reason decided to buzz my home about a 100ft off my rooftop. i don't know if the earlier episode tonight was that plane, but i am curious on a few things here. what are the odds that a plan with those colors would be circling in an area where i witnessed a ufo? again, the first sighting on the 4th i clearly saw this object from around a 100 yards away and i know it wasn't a plane. during this incident a helicopter buzzed my house after we saw this object and now we have a plane with those colors flying around in what i think is trying to attract what we first saw. another thing that has me really curious here is what are the odds i could get out of my car and see a satellite flying directly over my head? again, i'm assuming it was a satellite due to its height and flight path. the timing on that is just weird.

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Credit: MUFON

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