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Friday, August 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Athens, Pennsylvania on 1986-06-30 00:00:00 - It hovered over my house about 500ft. my mother witnessed event in partial. no military aircraft in persuit.

I was laying on trunk of my car eyes closed listening to music. it was a warm night about 75°f. which was the reason i was relaxing outside it was around 11:30 pm-11:45 when i went outside. about 15 min. later i had opened my eyes only to see this huge white glowing orb approximately 100 ft in diameter. it hovered over head about 100-500 ft.There were these rings of clouds with night sky showing in between beginning from the ufo small to progressively larger extending all the way to the ground as far as i could tell and it formed this up side down ice cream cone shape. in addition, this lightning was visible which seemed to be eminating from the ground traveling to the ufo as if it were collecting energy... also, this lightning was on the outside of the rings of clouds i had described so it flickered and made a static and fluttering sound it was all around me. at this point i run in the house freaking out grabbed my mother dragged her outside to witness what i saw. she not only saw it too but she froze couldn't believe her on eyes. mom had to get up early for work so she went back inside and layed down i stayed outside sat down on a lawn chair just staring at this ufo all of a suddenly i felt weightless i looked down for some reason and noticed my neighborhood getting smaller and smaller then i black out when i came too i'm still weightless but now the neighborhood is getting bigger and bigger then i black out again but this time when i came too i was gripping the arm rests with all my strength saying over and over again "death bed death bed death bed" why i have no idea but at this point my my was in the front door way staring at me asked if i was all right and all i remember saying to her was"what does death bed mean"? i was only 17 then. the ufo was gone at this point i never saw it come or leave it was there then it was gone.One other detail when i was what seemed to be ascending to the ufo i lost all sense of fear i felt so calm it was strange.That was 1986 a year before 1985, on the night after thanksgiving me and a friend were sitting on the chapel steps in a cemetery it was midnight and a huge glowing orb flew over head in what seemed parallel to the earth's circumstance but it moved at incredible speed too fast to track faster then any jet fighter i know of plus it had the sound of a propulsion system yet it never made a sonic boom which was strange. this was also in bradford co. pa only this time it was in the town of troy coincidence? i don't know but looking back seems like a possible pattern. that is my experience feel free to contact me if not that's fine i know what is real and what isn't these two stories are.

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Credit: MUFON

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