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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in California on 2018-08-11 21:30:00 - Laying out side on my deck looking at the stars i saw a ufo directly above my head in the sky, i watched this object that was a little brighter than the star from left to right, up and down in straight lines in circles in a square and drop you like a leaf

I used to go outside regularly in the past and sit outside in my lounge chair and look at the stars while my wife was sitting inside watching tv and on occasion she would come out and watch it with me. we could tell the difference between commercial airline and a military plane because they flew right over us all the time, and i was used to seeing satellites and the straight line path that they would be on. and many times i would observe anomalies, ufos, that would come into my line of sight move sporadically and then blinked out. but this would only happen very quickly. 20 to 30 seconds and then be gone. but after my wife developed cancer and passed away in august 10, 2012. i didn't go outside as much, but after some time i thought i'd like to see the stars again and talk to her. so i went outside to talk to her and look at the stars and say a prayer and meditate. it was august 11, 2018, a day after her passing six years ago.When i went outside at 9:30 p.M.I started talking to my wife and meditate and to ask if i could see any kind of proof that we weren't alone. after waiting about 15 min. something caught my eye. it was as bright as a star and moved erratically. i thought it was going to be like the other ufo sightings here and then gone within so many seconds. but this time it was different. it was bigger then the other sightings i had seen as soon as i saw it first thing i said to it is (i see you) usually by the time i had said this, they would be gone. this time, it stayed and i started thanking it. thank you for letting me see you all i could say over and over again, and every time i thank it and its knowledge its presence. it danced for me! i don't know in any other way to put it but it would move up and down, left and right, straight lines, encircles, picture you're looking in the sky and there's a soccer ball size circle. this object moved from one end to the other doing all of these things. and i know it sounds crazy but it was almost like it heard me and the reason i say this is because every time a commercial airline passenger jet with flyby it would stop moving and just sat there in the sky until that plane went by and the crazy thing about that is it happened three more times. and every time a plane went by it stopped then started moving again. i was so excited of what was happening. i ran into the house, grabbed the phone and tried calling my daughters. but neither one answered, then i looked at the time it was already 10:40 p.M. i had watching this thing for an hour and 40 min. what was really incredible is that after i got my phone. it was like it was waiting for me, after watching him for a little while longer. i said thank you so much, but i've got to go to bed now. i got up, went into the house the phone away, then thought i would go out to the front of the house and see if it was still there and there it was. i asked if i could see them tomorrow, and went to bed. ps i'm taking my video camera out with me tonight.

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Credit: MUFON

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