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Friday, August 31, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Cincinnati, Ohio on 2016-10-29 00:00:00 - Entity only

Because of the recent sightings of the tall skinny entity in mt. vernon ohio, i'd like to report a sighting a friend had of something that sounds extremely similar 3 years ago in cincinnati, oh. it was raining steadily, and still light enough to see somewhat, not completely dark yet. she was driving and her husband was in the passenger seat. they were sitting at a red light in a largely industrial area with warehouses and manufacturing plants all around. there was no other traffic. she noticed something approaching from some warehouses on her left and moving at tremendous speed. it was about 8 ft tall, very skinny, no hair, with skin that appeared tan in color, or maybe brown. she remarked at the peculiarity of its stride, saying that when each leg went to the back, it was extended extremely far to the back, almost like in a lunge exercise, only it was clearly its normal gait as it didn't appear awkward in the doing. she was so focused upon the legs and the stride that she didn't notice arms, saying that perhaps they were draw up against its chest. the head appeared perhaps a bit small and oddly shaped, but again, she was fixed on its legs and the way it ran so she only saw it peripherally. it moved with incredible speed toward the car, within seconds crossing the road pretty much right in front of their stopped car, then it disappeared into some brush on the other side. her husband was looking in the opposite direction, seeing it only quite fleetingly, saying he thought it was a deer, but she is absolutely certain it was not. if you look up the video called the wessex way monster, she said that is very similar to what she saw, only it was on two legs. she also likened it somewhat to "the rake". i can vouch that this woman is very credible and i believe her story. what's really interesting is that another woman i know told me her husband had seen the exact same type of creature around 8 years prior, running on all fours down a road in a county on the eastern side of cincinnati. he remarked that even though it was on four legs, it looked like it could easily have gotten up on two. at the time i got these reports, i reported them to the north american dogman project because that was as close a guess as to what it might have been, although it clearly wasn't that. it never ocurred to me to report it to mufon until i saw a presentation about the mt. vernon entity at the mufon of ohio conference just a couple weeks ago. i just wanted to add these two accounts to the records, even though they aren't recent by comparison and have no evidence. i can't say that these two witnesses would be interested in coming forward with these accounts, as i haven't asked them and expect they would not. this is all now very third hand and not verifiable, but in light of the mt. vernon sightings i thought it might be important to add these accounts. thank you very much for your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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