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Friday, August 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Blue Springs, Missouri on 2012-11-24 13:00:00 - Saw a seemingly solid white object moving fast across across the sky.

I took this photo almost 6 years ago on november 24th 2012. i am pretty sure that the time was 1 p.M. it was during daylight hours. i was on my deck which was out my backdoor in the town home that i lived in at that time.I saw an object that appeared to be solid white zooming across the sky. it seemed odd and out of place. i had seen many odd objects and events that year off of my deck beginning in the summertime. some of which i reported to mufon then in 2012. i took many photos that summer and fall off my deck. this one was different also it was during the daylight hours which i had not seen too many during the day. at that time in 2012 i probably didn't have the most sophisticated phone or photo app. i had transferred this photo and many others to my not very sophisticated either desktop computer. a lot of them i couldn't even open and view on my computer. at some point probably a couple years later i had uploaded some photos from my computer to one of my google drive accounts. then in 2017 i opened that drive account from a new obviously more sophisticated cell phone and realized i had this photo and another one which i did submit to mufon recently. i was absolutely delighted to be able to view it and zoom in on the object. when zoomed in it is fascinating and i really just felt like it needed to be viewed by someone who knows about these things. i do hope that you are able to zoom in on it after i upload it to you. it is the white object in the sky just about to go over the rooftop of my townhome. when you initially just look at the photo without zooming it in it almost looks like it might be the moon in the daylight sunshine but i assure you that it was not the moon and it was moving very quickly across the sky i just happened to catch it on my cell phone before it disappeared over the rooftop.

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Credit: MUFON

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