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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Longview, Texas on 1987-07-31 00:00:00 - Orange, red, yellow orb ascending from ground with no trajectory that stopped then paralleled flight path of airplane.

Late august, 1987. was on an evening, continental flight from chicago to dfw, with a brief stop-over in shreveport, la. took off from shreveport approx. 9 pm. i was seated in the port, aft section of the plane with the windows facing south. 15 or so minutes into the flight, i saw a bright, orange/red/yellow light rise vertically from the ground, pause briefly, and then begin to parallel the flight of our airplane. initially thought it might be a skyrocket from a festival, but then realized we were too high plus there was no trajectory. the glowing orb maintained the same path as our flight. there were no visible clouds; there was little or no light from the moon; it was dark but clear with some ground lights visible in the distance. since it was night and i had no reference as to the size of the orb or distance from our plane, i could only assume what the dimension and distance might be based on the brightness of the object. i watched the glowing orb parallel our flight for another 15 minutes or so, and then looked up when the stewardess approached my seat telling me to "buckle up" for our approach to dfw. i asked her if she saw the orb and she gave me a strange look and returned toward the front of the airplane. when i looked back out the window, the orb had disappeared. upon landing, the stewardess immediately came back to my seat and asked me if i could remain on the plane until the other passengers had departed: puzzled, i agreed to do so. when the plane was empty of passengers, the stewardess, steward, and flight crew, including the captain, came back to where i was still seated. the captain introduced himself, shook my hand, and then asked me to explain, in detail, what i had seen he asked if i could determine size and distance from the plane, which i could not, only estimating that it was probably a mile or so and possibly 20'-30' in dia. the crew said nothing. i asked if they had seen the orb and they all nodded in the affirmative. i said: "o.K. what is it that i saw?" the captain said: "you can tell your friends that you have seen your first ufo". i remarked: "have you seen these "orbs" before?", and they all nodded yes. the captain then asked me if i would please not say anything to officials or others at the airport after i deplaned. i honored his wishes. note: i was the manager of a division of an international engineering and mfg. corp.At the time and a frequent flyer with hundreds of thousands of hours of flight time and a multitude of experiences, none like this one.

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Credit: MUFON

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