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Saturday, August 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Scott City, Missouri on 2017-08-14 00:00:00 - Started with strange aircraft and then disco ball stars and then things posing as stars ,,they are definitely intelligent or under intelligent comtroll..,,two came down from the sky attitude me but stop ,,say 150 away ,,like staring ..Then went away..More

Out side of my home ,,we have a airport near by ,,see various types of normal aircraft ,,coming an going. then that changed,,,the dame craft wad in the sky all the time ..Give off a slow prop sound ,,it was just posing ..It normally wad super high in the sky ..I was watching ,,at night on a couple of occasions it flew close to the house,the city lights lit the bottom enough to tell it had no wings and fuselage it was diamond shaped..This went not for a couple of weeks ..Then what i first thought was stars would move,if the plane was going in there direction ,,say if it was headed towards two stars,,they would part ,let the plane by an move back into position ,,that told me these were not stars but in our atmosphere an close..They would sometimes skip across the sky like rock across water..They seemed happy..They would travel in pairs or threes,,made triangles all the time ..One came from the west and arced slowly toward the south ,,this particular one ,,seemed to have a misfire bright bit rusty with sparks coming off it leaving a small trail..Then the disco ball stars showed up .Flasjlhing red ,green ,blu ,white ,,in no special order but rapidly..I have video of thesr ,,documentation wasn't a string suit i'm afraid ..I was in awe at this ,,so much has happened since this..Ufo go in an out of the regional airport near me...My wife an my self were pummeled with visions and hallucinations beyond belief..I have so much i can show an tell. i just need someone to take this serious,,these fake stars are still here..Ibe pointed them out to people..A if i could land on there house an they wouldn't believe it..Threse much more to tell ,,they are here ..Of these were birds ,,a good aim could take them out the sky ..But o don't think we want to do that ,,they know i watch them ...

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Credit: MUFON

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