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Thursday, August 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sanford, Florida on 2018-08-15 20:55:00 - Star-like object moving at fast speed in one direction.

It was a normal night for me and my boyfriend. we decided to have a glass of red wine on our back porch. like any other night we use my phone to call my boyfriends parents to make sure they made it back safely to there home. the call lasted about 30 min total. will had the phone up to his ear and signaled to me with his hand to come look at something he was pointed to in the sky. i ran over and looked but couldn't say much to him because he was on the phone. i witnessed a star-like light that looked almost identical to the stars but yet it was moving and moving very fast. i knew what i was looking at wasn't anything like i've seen before. absolutely no sound and moved in one direction. i just watched it before it caught the view of my building blocking it from my view. so i ran in the house to the front door and ran out to the sidewalk by the street in my front. there it was still moving in the same direction. then it completely disappeared no trace of it. i want to say it was as high as the clouds if there was clouds because it was so clear that night i could see all the stars. my boyfriend ran outside and asked if i saw it and i told him yeah and then it disappeared. so he decided to walk the dog and went around the block. i decided to sit on my front step to see just maybe i would see it again. i do meditation sometimes so i tried to signal myself to the location i was and asked to see it again. just then maybe a minute later i saw it again but in a different spot and going over me and then gone. i told my boyfriend he missed it. we walked in the house didn't speak much about it and the next morning we woke up for work and found that the electricity had gone out. our home cameras were disconnected from the internet, clocks were blinking and cable box was out. the next day my boyfriend and i tried to make sense of what we saw together that night. it wasn't a plane because there was no shape, wings, noise, etc... it wasn't a drone of any sort because this was very high in the sky. it wasn't a jet or military because there wasn't any noise and it moved so silent and so fast then disappeared. we know what we saw and we know theyre watching over us. we feel at peace.

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Credit: MUFON

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