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Thursday, August 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Baldwin, Maine on 2018-07-21 03:15:00 - Saw a "star gate" open and a giant saucer shaped craft fly out and fly south over atlantic

I was sitting outside at 03:15 am with my dogs watching some shooting stars.Out of the north west a very bright white light appeared in the sky out of nowhere.The bright light opened up like a flower with 6-8 big "petals" of light unfolding to the size of a beach-ball in the sky.Out of the center of that bright white light flew a gigantic bright white saucer shaped "spaceship". as soon as the "ship" was clear,the stargate shut within a millisecond leaving only this gigantic space ship slowly flowing forward there was a pink colored rod that protruded in the front of the ship several times the length of the space ship .Somehow the spaceship was using the rod to propel itself forward.The rod would go out and then the ship would jump forward absorbing the rod.Then the rod would come out and stretch out again and the spaceship would jump forward again.The ship was huge and maybe a half mile wide or more but certainly not less.The ship was quite slow and i watched it for over 5 minutes as it slowly made its way to the south east and headed out towards the atlantic in a heading no aircraft has ever used because there is no way to fly that far without refueling.This was the third time i have seen this kind of space ship,always on the same strange course but this was the first time i saw it appear out of the "star gate" if that what the bright light actually was.Whatever it was it was not made in the usa or russia.There was no noise and it was very visible to anyone looking up for 5 minutes or more. the night before this sighting a strange us government plane flew over at very low altitude.This plane is always around just before or just after i have seen ufo's.There is some connection as this plane is flying loops in the sky,going from the maine coastline to points north every time there are ufo sightings.Quite often we see this plane and do not see ufo's but it is very strange that the plane and the ufo's are always around together.

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Credit: MUFON

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