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Sunday, August 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Brockville, Ontario on 2018-08-10 22:00:00 - My husband an i looked up and said is that a plane with no wings or tail?

It was august 7 2018 in brockville. my husband and i had just stepped into the back yard for a cigarette around 950pm. i looked up and quickly coming toward us was what looked like a white plane with no wings. i stated that to my husband who looked up as the object passed over our house and he said the same thing," is that a plane with no wings or tail?". the object was white and fairly low in the sky, low enough it could tell it looked like a large white 747 with no wings or tail. it was moving very quickly overhead and we only observed it for about 15 to 20 second til it was out of view heading the way of montreal.After it left our view my husband suggested we google if there is some kind of streamlined plane that's been invented recently and we found nothing that fit the description of what we saw. in fact the only thong we could find on the internet that looked exactly like what we saw and it was a white cigar shaped ufo photographed over russia. i hope someone else saw what we saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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