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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Havre, Montana on 2018-08-13 23:10:00 - While watching meteor showers, i saw 2 lights flying a small distance apart, thought they were one big ship but then 1 would go faster than other one. they both stopped @different times and changed directions, until disappearing.

While watching meteor showers last night at my families cabin, (08/13 fresno lake, mt around 11 p.M.) i saw two small white lights, flying a small distance apart, and thought at first that they were one big object of some kind. (it would have been a huge object, as they were very far away.) but then one would go faster than other one. they both stopped at different times and changed directions, going really fast, until disappearing. the two objects were around the same size as the satellites i saw, but moved very different. the airplanes i saw last night were a lot smaller than both the satellites and objects, and i was able to eventually hear a few of the planes. i could see the blinking red lights on a few of the planes. the two objects looked to be solid, but is hard to say since they were so high in the night sky. it was around 11 p.M. last night, and only lasted maybe a minute at the most, as they were going so fast. i went to bed at 11:17 p.M. not too long after i saw the objects. i did not have my phone or a camera, so i have no pictures. even if i had had either, the objects were too far away to have been able to capture anything. if i had, it would have just looked like more stars. what caught my attention to turn towards them, was a very bright flash of light from the corner of my eye. i am not sure if that light had to do with them, or if it was a shooting star in the same area. if it was a star, it had to have been a very bright shooting star, brighter than the ones i had been watching, and without that flash, i would not have seen the two objects. these objects disappeared before the small dipper if that helps.

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Credit: MUFON

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