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Thursday, August 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Laredo, Texas on 2018-08-01 22:50:00 - Chaotic.. looks like stars chasing each other.

I was sitting at work in the middle of knowhere watching the new season of last chance-u on my phone when i noticed two bright yellow light out of the corner of my eye.. i looked up and starred at the two objects. at first glance they looked like stars so i didn't second guess them.. then they started moving. naturally my first though was okay they are either planes or helicopters... then the two lights vanished complelty.... all of a sudden two smaller blue lights started swirling in circles, looked like they were chasing each other... now a little freaked out i keep telling myself it has to be some fighter pilots practices or something of that affect... i decided to move closer to get a closer look... first off i didn'tt reallly believe in this sort of thing ... there's always an explanation for everything right? well as i starred and watched the phenomenon i pulled out my phone to try and get a video, cause who's gonna believe me right? at this time i still wasn't convinced.. when i zoomed in they were so far away my camera just showed pitch black... i climbed on top of some frac tanks to get a better look... when i got to the top of the stairs out of the right corner of my eye i saw another big yellow light.. this one was alot closer... i emmedialy pulled out my phone and captured film on the light.... as i was recording i though "man i'm just going crazy that has to be a star". so i decide to calm down and walk back to my truck... after sitting in my truck for two min i decide to get out and look at it again... the light is completely gone... all of the lights for that matter... i can't even see any stars in the sky's... the funny thing is i could have sworn the light i recorded was moving towards me slowly... actually i'm about 99% sure it was.. but once again i told myself "it has to be a boarder patrol blimp or something".... in closing i'm not 100% what i saw.. but i've never experienced anything like it. it bothered me enough that i felt i need to atleast share what i saw to somebody.... i feel dumb for even typing all this out.. i'm not going to tell anybody i know about this cause they'll think i'm crazy....But i had to atleast share my story to somebody. i'm submitting this 20 min after the anomaly.. still not a single light in the sky...

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Credit: MUFON

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