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Thursday, August 30, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Oregon on 2016-09-11 14:03:00 - Well i have seen 5 ufo's and i will be brawing pictuers of all 5 of them and i have seen 5 ghost and 1 of them has grabed me and 1 spoke to me!

I will start this recall from the begining and i will start with the space craft and then the entitlys and my some what phsyicic ablitiys and i have been tested in prison and the government knows my intelegeneleve is unlimited as they put it but they don't want me to know they know that lolol! a little hummer there because 1 of or 2 of thee entity's maybe 3 where not friendly!Well the first space craft i saw was in the mid 80's in a town called monroe washington 45 min north of seattle there where a group of us kid's playing in the base ball field while our parents watched a foot ball game 1 of my friends got my attention and pointed above this church at the end of the filed we where in all of us kids where dumfounded because there was a flying saucer hovering adove it at a 30 degree angle and had 3 set's of staggered orange light's spinning around it and when we went 2 go tell r parents about it the ship was gone they where about 200 feet from us and we didn't run cuz we where shocked i was aprox 7 or 8 at this time.The second ufo i saw was very brief and i am about 11 or 12 in southern oregon at our family home sted in wolf creek oregon this place is like grand central station 4 spirti's 2 by the way lots of activity anyways i when to a youth night at the elementry school and wanted 2 walk home so at the end of the night i statred walking north bound on rail road ave in wolf creek it's right next to i-5 and our property is the big eyeball looking pice of land next to the rail road tracks that look like a key whole ofr a skeleton key these track's are in the guines book of world records for being the only tracks in the us where the train makes a complete 180degree trun and gose back by it self if the trains longe enuff it looks like a metal snake i have a story for that 2 i will get 2 later almost for got that 1 ! anyways # 2 i saw about 1/2 way down the road i saw what at first i thought was a satilite then i realized it was to close and it had a red and bule light at each end and it looked like a black flying capital"l" it flew 1/2 way across the sky from south 2 north then with out slowing down it shot out into space and dissapiered really fast 2!Now here's #3 a friend of mine and me where rally caring his rx-z all over king mountian 1 night in wolf creek again and we went to the top of the mountian or close to it and parked by the government i think radio tower we had the bass booming and where smoking a joint and cigarets may be a beer...... and my friend say's hay check out that helicopter we where facing south south west with the radio tower dehind us and to the north and there where big and small flashing strobe box's and rectangles so i told him turn the music off he did and said what i said that's way 2 bid 2 be a helicopter and he asked what do you think it is i said i don't know it's a space ship and laughed so now where bolth staring at this thing and i said roll your window down and he did and it was silent and that's when i freaked out in a good way and i said wholey !@#$$# that is a space ship and i'll bet we are the only 1's seeing this because it's like 2 or 3 in the morning and he asked whats it doing and i said i don't know it might be taking pictuers? then he asked how far away it was and i said 5 to 10 miles it was hovering on the east side of i-5 next 2 grants pass or merlin i said and he asked how long it was and i said it was at least 3 or 4 football fields long and 1 to 1& a1/2 tall this was the only 1 that stayed and finished it's job it took it like 15 min to take all it's pictuers each panle of strobe light was as small as a king size bed all the way up to the size of the roof of a large building turned on it's side and only looking at it from a roof persective and some panles just the size of the side of a box van or semi trailer but they where all flashing like strobe lights at diffrent times! i was in my late 20's or early 30's when this happened! #4 this happened right here more resently in my late 30's early 40's as i am 41 now my friend and i where coming home from walmart travling twards i-5 on spicer drive when we turned right on to the road there where pink fuzzy lights all spaced about a foot apart right in front of my dad's house probly 40 or 50 of them the size of soft balls and my budy slowed way down and then stoped and asked what are those things i said i don't know it's probly the sighn from the phenoix in throught the tree's he was like i don't think so and then i saw that they were moving around and he wanted to leave and i said no jsut start creeping up there so he did and the close we got to them the more they changed from being a foot apart and pink they slowly started to come together and turn darker pink to red and when we got to within 500 feet of them they made 1 red ball that looked like a minne sun about the size of 4 minne van's and then at 250 feet it just disapiered!!!!#5 i already sent you the video of and when i fist saw it it looked like 1 of the ships from tron that come from above and smash you but it was orange and the legs coming down are at a angle like this /'\ if you made the dot in the middle orange and the leg's orange thats exactly what it looks like 2 the naked eye! that's what i saw when i saw the helicopter fly by it to i think the guy's in the copter wer checking it out to cuz it stoped right by it for a few seconds then left and it stayed but after i went in to the house to get my phone to video it it had moved way back from me at first it was only a mile or less away and silent i could here and see the copter but it was silent!Now for the entitys the fist 1 was a 5 years old it was a monster that tryed 2 take my sister out of her crib i drew a pictuer of it for my mom she told me!!!! # 2 was at 13 these bolth took place in our first home in north seattle at 22409 143rd ave s,e, snohomish wa 98206 the second 1 walked down the hall and pulled up right behind my head while i was in bed and i could feel it breathign down the back of my neck and i could not think of anything to do except scare it so i flipped over in bed as fast as i could and it was gone and i was wide wake!!!# 3 this was in the wolf creek house i was up stairs in my uncles old room that my dad gave me i was sleeping and having a bream about talking to my dad and step mom that where at the bottom of the stareis and my dad made a wise crack about my dead uncle and how i was sleeping in his old room and i said "yeah i wonder how much he's going to fuck with me tonight" and laughed in my dream then i woke up and 2 huge fist had a hold of my spine on the inside cuz i sleep on my side i was on my side facing i-5 up stairs in this room and the queen size bed and me slid back and forth or side to side like at least 3 time's and atleast 1or2 feet across the floor i,m a biger guy like 6feet 1 inch tall and between 250 and 295 pounds and this thing had no problem sliding me and bed back and forth well it's 2 hads took up my whole spine top 2 bottom and then it let go and i ran down stares and did not sleep in that room for a week ! #4 is this little girl who dided in our middle house in the 50's and she is stuck there and when i was wathcing tv with 1 of the renters in the house this 4 foot tall orange msit started hovering around the kitchen and started opening and shutting the cuboard doors hall way doors and batheroom doors an d the renter said out the corner of her mouth you see her i said yeah she said well as long as you don't look at her she will just put around in there and shure enuff when i turned my head to look right at her she dissapered i can take you to these places they are still in the family!!!#5 was simple i saw a all black single man shadow walk right through the back door's and right into the house same house that has girl in it#6 was what i like 2 call the light people it's just the foreward moving silowet of a person in a walking stride and it looks like glowing oero cookie layers black and white hed to toe and the back side of the silwet of the human shape just fades like a jet trali or kem tril like on a jet but it all hapens really quick!!!#6 my friend and i watched a blue flannle shirt walk by in broad day light 1 time in the middle of this same property this and th e # 2 entity thing s where the only 2 that happened in the day time and thats it the rest of this stuff happened at night.#7 good ol lucky number 7 this 1 happened right here across the street at my friends house and is probly my favirot not 2 mention it was the last time i have seen a entity and it happened about 5 years ago once again we where lest say partying with ilegal substances and the thing we where using was not working right so my friend said where did you get this pice from i said i got it from so and so its his girlfriends pice and my buddy said o thats the problem she's cursed it that way he can't get a hit or anyone else so i said ok well let's just go get a new pipe he said ok but we have 2 break this 1 and poure salt on it and throw it away so if it's evil the curs will be broken so he went and got some rock's form the drive way a tin box and salt threw the pipe in the box with the rock's put the lid on it and shook it up until it was all broken and then opened the box and coverd the mess at the bottom with salt and we listend and you could hear fainth like hissing sound's like a cat or snake so we put the lid back on the box and he said now where are we gonna pour this tuff where it will never get out or at least be a long time befor it can get out and the worse the better so i said i know lets dump it in the port a poddy at the park he said yeah thats a great idea so we hop in my 1979&1/2 ford rachero with a good running 351w or 5.8 liter for the kid's and fresh at the time dual exsaust and run 2 the park and dump all them little evil basterds down the hole and emedietaely you here like little kid's like goblin's voic's saying no no no as they drown in the poddy we thought that was the highlight of the night but that's because we had no clue what we wer about 2 see when we left 2 go 2 the store around the corrner we wer tripping on the poddy heading down the road tward goldfish farm raod we get to the stop sighn and turn right heading straight 4 hwy 20 walmart and the 76 station to get a new pipe well there's no side walks on this part of the road on eather side so you have to watch out for kid's and people on bicycle's and stuff espeshaly at night so we see what looks like someone or thing running down the side of the road but my low beams wer on so we could not really see what this thing was so i turned on my highbeams and there was this huge 10 to 12 feet tall entity that was just like a grim reaper whit raggedy cloak and all running or floating away as fast as he could and it was dark black at the outer body but the toreso was see through it went from see through to brown and then black was all the rest of him he looked back and saw we where coming and my buddy's yelling at me get that mutherfucker run him down he was all leand foreward and so was i as i was yelling dack i am i am hand on shifter foot 2 the floor i think the car was trying 2 get it 2 we all wer well right when i was about 2 run this thing over it jumped over the hood of my car and the road like 30 feet into this empty field and into the ground i asume going back 2 where he came from but i think i caught him a little bit like a foot ball player who just barely catches a shoulder and gets someone to run just out side the line cuz he looked back as he went under and i could feel that he new he just barley sqeeked by on that 1 and new he was gonna be in trouble with boss man 4 letting me see him and tagging him a little!!!! it's funny how sacred the evil is when the know some of us are like pitbull's on a leash just waiting for our father in heavan to let us off of it 2 go tear there ass 's up thank you sincerly for letting me get this stuff off my chest i ,ve been holding it in 4 way 2 long i feel like i,m getting lihgter allready!

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Credit: MUFON

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