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Saturday, August 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ashtabula, Ohio on 2018-08-11 21:05:00 - My uncle was sitting outside on a calm night and i went out and recorded.

I was inside watching tv and my uncle was sitting out on the porch smoking a cigarette, and then he hollered my name loudly a few times fast and i’m thinking he’s wasting my time. as soon as i got to the door and opened it he was in middle of the street looking up, so i run over and look up too and see a few circle fireball looking objects flowing around in odd directions. i then quickly pull out my phone to record as i was in complete shock of what i was seeing. i seen 3 right away. 4 total. 2 of them seemed a bit closer then the others. i was trying to just see it all but i kept concentrating more on the one that looked the closest. it was almost like a miniature sun without hurting your eyes. such an amazing glow. i couldn’t believe my eyes. the detail was nothing like seeing it with my own eyes. probably the reason i didn’t end up keeping the phone very steady to long, plus running across the street. in the beginning the 3 were in a line going sideways, wasn’t long until they just flowed around to form like a triangle. they just moved around slowly in different directions for approximately 5 min from when i got there. 2 of them just seemed to of disappeared or zoomed off. i just know at the end i seen 2 and it’s as if it was sitting still for approx 10 seconds and then zoomed off quick away from my direction towards outer space. the other one seemed to zoom away a bit slower the same way, then nothing else. i actually always been into the whole knowing what’s really out there that we don’t know about ,or is being hidden. i’m sure there’s just all kinds of different beings out there from different places popping by once in a while. so since i’ve seen quite a few shows about this sort of stuff, i automatically knew to start recording from my phone’s recorder. i’m so glad i did. my neighbor and my cousin were nearby and my uncle started talking to them as i was still looking in the sky seeing if they would return. it was a very nice and quiet night in country like neighborhood. my uncle went off about 20 feet across the street to get his girlfriend. i heard them sounding like they thought he was so full of it as i was still there with my back turned to them still looking in the sky waiting to see if maybe they would be back. no one would of really believed this if i didn’t have the 2 videos. if i didn’t think to record this, it would of only been me and my uncle that knew what we seen for sure with no one really sure if they believed us. i probably would have kept it to myself for the most part without proof..

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Credit: MUFON

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