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Friday, August 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Blue Springs, Missouri on 2012-11-02 23:00:00 - Spotted solid light object to the east of the moon.

I took this photo almost 6 years ago on november 2nd 2012. i cannot remember what time of night it was for sure but based on the fact that i always took my photos on my deck out my backdoor in the townhome i lived in at that time. i would say it was before midnight maybe around 11 p.M. i saw an object just to the east of the moon that caught my eye as it was similar to the many odd objects i had seen in the sky that year off my deck. i witnessed countless odd objects and events that year in 2012 beginning in the summer time. some of which i reported to mufon then in 2012. anyway i would sit on my deck into the wee hours of the night taking photos on my cell phone. this is one of those photos. at that time in 2012 i probably didn't have the most sophisticated phone or photo app. i had transferred this photo and many others to my not very sophisticated either desktop computer. a lot of them i couldn't even open and view once on my computer. at some point probably a couple years later i had uploaded some photos from my computer to one of my google drive accounts. then in 2017 i opened that drive account from a new obviously more sophisticated cell phone and realized i had this photo and another one which i am going to submit a report on as well. i was absolutely delighted to be able to view it and zoom in on the object. when zoomed in it is fascinating to me! the shape and lights coming from it are interesting. i thought it should be looked at by someone who knows about these things. i do hope you are able to zoom in on it after i upload it to you. it is the small white speck in the photo just to the left of the moon. thee moon is the larger object obviously.

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Credit: MUFON

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