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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Golden, Colorado on 2018-05-21 18:30:00 - Saw a cylindrical shaped light with smaller blinking red light underneath

Filled out and filed from a mailed in report to mufon headquarters, by l. flechtner 18809 on august 21st, 2018. (there was no phone or email provided because witness has no access to them.) this written copy can be sent to the assigned fi. (witnesses signature removed from description below) (report asked for a phone number so i put in the correctional facilities number, this number will not go to the witness.) ------------------------------------------------------------------- since i do not have an email account and no internet access i am hereby notifying you of this event in writing and will convey the following information as i remember it. about may 21 around at approximately 6:30 pm (18:30) mountain time i was reporting to medical to pick up medication for high blood pressure and while standing at the door entrance(i was by myself) i noticed a small cylindrical light (with a smaller red blinking light below the main light) and at first believed it to be some form of aircraft, but after a few moments watching it i saw that it was very stationary and emitted no sounds, smoke, or any other form of exhaust or noise. i pointed this object to one or two other inmates whom i do not recall (and no doubt have since moved to other facilities or parole) seeing since the event and asked them what they thought it was. as i recall one said "an airplane" and another "a satellite" (both explanation i dismissed as improbable) after picking up my medication i headed back to my housing unit (#20, room #3) and was thinking over what i saw. curious i went back outside and observed the object until it was time for the yard to close and secure for the night. in the 3 hours i observe it, the object (which was cylindrical white light with smaller red light underneath which kept blinking on and off like an aircraft's navigation lights) it never changed altitude, no movement whatsoever, and never emitted any discernible noise of any kind. i have no idea of how large this object was since it was approaching night and did not have any means to determine size, shape or height of object (however there are some high hills nearby but with it being dusk and growing darker by the minute trying to estimate size was difficult. i have written this account to the best of my recollection and have also submitted a crude drawing of this event to be appended to the report application which you sent me. if i can be of any further assistance please let me know and i will help out in anyway i can. sincerely (name removed) lf ps the following crude sketch is what i observed at the time. i apologize for the crudness of the sketch but if being dark i could not see any details of the object, and no aircraft were in the area around the time of the sighting.

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Credit: MUFON

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