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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in De Soto, Missouri on 2018-08-05 20:33:00 - Four large bright white ships lined up across the sky. they were darting in trianglular directions but staying in the same general locations. they remained there over 45 minutes. we left because the park was closing.

My friend and i were sitting on a riverbank at washington state park in de soto missouri. there was no one around us. the sky was still bright blue but the sun was beginning to set. there were no stars visible yet. it was too bright. then one large bright round ship appeared. it stayed in place but was darting in a triangular pattern. i used my cell phone camera and zoomed in to watch it move and turn directions. after 2-3 minutes later, 3 more ships arrived. then did not fly next to each other. they were spread out across the sky in a line. each was moving and darting in triangular patterns. we continued to watch them for 45 minutes until the park closed. we left. after all 4 ships were there, we saw a plane fly straight across the sequence of ships. i am not sure if the plane was observing them or just in the same area. we did not hear any sounds or see any other phenomenon. i took a picture of the first ship but the other ships did not show up in the picture.

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Credit: MUFON

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