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Monday, August 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2018-08-05 21:50:00 - Was very quiet no noise, had a slight glow, cream/tan, perfect line, no light, was just after it got dark could see stars in sky.

I was sitting having a coffee on my back deck. i look up all the time in hopes of seeing everything/anything. i was looking at the stars and all of a sudden and egg/oval (not a perfect egg but not perfect oval either somewhere in the middle) shape came into my view. it went directly across the sky and was quite large. it made zero noise and was cream/tan kind of a slight glow as i could see it perfectly but not like a flashy colour. i think you would have had to be looking in the direction to of seen the object. it had no lights, that i could see, all the stars were out so the sky was clear. it was beautiful really not what i would have expected much more peaceful and no jerky movements. now i understand why there are so few photos/videos as it happened so fast. there is no way i could have taken a picture it went directly across in a perfect line and lasted, in my vision, for perhaps 20 seconds. was awesome i am so very lucky to have seen it! note: the time was just after the sun went in and you could forsure see the stars so approx. 9:50 p.M.

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Credit: MUFON

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