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Sunday, August 5, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Batesville, Mississippi on 2018-08-05 00:00:00 - 3 objects, s, sw and w sky, very bright lights on sw one and dimmer on the other twol felt they were moving but so far away couldn't tell.

I went outside to my car to get my purse, when i saw in the se sky a triangular object with flashing blue, red, yellow and green lights. the light on the front(point of triangle) was extremely bright yellow almost white. i love to watch the stars and the skies and always observe clouds, airplanes, and known constellations. when i remarked to my husband who was working on his tractor, he stated that there was another one in the western sky, which i looked at as he showed me where it was. it had the least lights of all 3, and curiously, disappeared from sight when i began trying to video it with my phone. so i turned my attention back to the bright one in the sw sky. while i watched, and it only hovered, i noticed the same shape of dimmer lights in the s sky. so i continued to watch the two, because the one that seemed the closest, the one in the w sky that had the dimmest lights had disappeared from sight. at first sight, it was immediately above a large tree, when my husband pointed it out. as if it's cover had been blown, it disappeared behind the tree rather quickly. when i tried to video the brightest and the other one, the video seemed to show it just as i saw them with my naked eye, but on reviewing the videos when i came inside, neither appears as i saw them with my naked eye. i am going to try and attach a rather bad video. i am very familiar with good video and photo capturing, and i'm rather ashamed that these aren't what i normally take. i am a very intuitive person. sometimes i wish i wasn't and this is one of those times. the fact that there were 3, and that there was a sort of "leader", intimidated me, especially when the one disappeared. that one had immediately raised fear inside me then more so by disappearing. they did not seem to be very far away and the one with the brightest lights intimidated me because it seemed the incredibly bright light on it's nose was actually searching or sort of like you would do with a flashlight in the dark. they were still in the sky when i came inside. but there will be some cloudiness which should be moving in soon. my husband said they were drones and he and the neighbor had observed the dim one in the w sky last night also. but common sense will tell you that there is nobody in this immediate area who would pull off such a real show with drones if there was anyone within 15 miles that could afford 3 drones and have friends and/or sense enough to have them in the air so professionally. neither would there be any reason whatsoever that anyone who could pull that scenario off have any interest in what is going on here. too sophisticated to be any of that stuff. i got really bad vibes from those tonight. almost threatening. i had the sensation while watching the bright one that it appeared to be hovering, but i think it was slowly moving and the distance made it seem like it wasn't. after reviewing video before uploading, the movement you see is, i believe, is my moving the phone to catch the image. the other image i couldn't seem to upload. this video portrays a more lifelike image, the way i actually saw it, than the still photo that wouldn't upload. the still photo looks nothing like the object i saw. it was made of the one that disappeared suddenly. but, the video i'm sending actually looked alot closer to me while i was taking it than it does on review. i hope this helps. i've had contact with helpful entities from other dimanesions before, this one was nothing liike those. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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