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Friday, August 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in De Berry, Texas on 2018-07-22 02:15:00 - I felt targeted. it zoomed right to me, hovered, then took off.

I had just stepped out on to my back porch to smoke. there was a party going on a ways across the field with loud music. i was smoking, enjoying the music, looking up at the stars. i seem attracted to looking at the night sky, as i see some weird stuff up there. anyhow, an unusual blue and red movenent of light caught my eye, kind of over my left shoulder. i could make out a shape with a red and blue light on one end, and a crystal like pure white light on the other end. at first, i thought it was a drone from the people who were partying, but it suddenly banked and veered straight at me. it came so fast i thought it was gonna hit me. at this point, i realized this was no drone. it was just way too big and moved way too fast. it must have been miles away when i first saw it and thought it was a drone, but within about 4-5 seconds later, it was right there, over the corner of my house. it stretched from over my house, to over the trees about 30 yards away from my house. it just hovered there, totally silent. i've never understood how anyone could be frozen in place with fear in a fight or flight situation. but i was absolutely terrified. i couldn't so much as blink, and i believed my heart and breathing stopoed. my mind was screaming at me to run in the house, but something else was telling me nothing i could possibly do would save me. i was just frozen in place like a statue. it just hovered there and i felt like it was examining me like a specimin or something. there was the red and blue light on one "point". i don't know how to explain this light, it was 2 colors together, but just the one light. this light seemed like it was throbbing. not going bright and din, but more like growing and shrinking at the same time. in the other point was a crystal pure white light. that light never changed it's intensity. it hovered there watching me for i'm guessing about 20-30 seconds, then it tilted up and zoomed back up into the sky in the direction it was originally headed before it banked down to come look at me. i was literally shaking in fear and felt like i was gonna puke. i have never felt anything like the fear i felt watching that thing watching me. even now, thinking about the encounter, i recall the feeling of total helplessness and doom i felt. my biggest fear now is that it will return. somehow, i know it will.

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Credit: MUFON

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