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Sunday, August 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Georgetown Township, Michigan on 2018-08-05 00:00:00 - Midnight bike ride michigan ufo playing peek a boo with me behind tree line..Zips off!

I had not been for a late night bicycle ride in a while and since my girls were all asleep and i had plenty of energy to burn off. i grabbed my fuji mountain bike and headed toward my usual ride i take near a local lake my daughter showed me was on her bus route. there was no moon until around 1 am so it was fairly dark. i also noticed there were very few vehicles on the road so i was able to ride hands free going down the road headed north. i looked east almost south/east about 35degrees up and first noticed how brilliant and large mars looked to me. i have never seen it so large before and i remembered reading that it was going to be nearest the earth soon so here it was! just then i looked over to the right about 90 degrees more and see what i figured to at first be an airplane of some sort. i kept looking at it and noticed it was completely lit up with about 7-9 large white/orange round shaped lights lined up with two setting a bit above the others. i stopped my bike to get a solid view and it slipped behind the tree line. i figured it was about 5 nautical miles out and was headed east in a straight line. getting off my bike to get a view of where it should have been judging from its direction, it was not there. i stepped far back to get a better view far above all the trees and saw it was going the other direction and saw a red strobe flash..But only twice. again it almost "acted" like it didn't want me to see it (i remember thinking how silly and self centered a thought that was) and reversed its direction once again and disappeared headed in it's original glimpsed it once more and for only one second before it was out of my sight. i have learned the older i get that i should trust my gut more often. my gut told me this was the third time i have seen for my own eyes an object i couldn't explain given what i know with our "current technology". for me. i believe we are not alone.

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Credit: MUFON

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