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Sunday, August 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Auburn, Alabama on 2012-12-15 03:30:00 - Dream like abduction/missing time/real time unaffected

I was asleep one night during decemberof 2012. i had been experiencing a deep fascination with ufo phenomena, questioning of reality, and a deep spiritual awakening. i felt as if i had had similar experiences in my youth of what im about to describe but could never really remember details as i do with this episode. keep in mind im a mother and a professional and do not want to be deemed as crazy. i have only shared this info with my husband right after it happened. i felt as if i was dreaming and i was back in my child hood home several miles from where i actually was. in the dream i woke up and wandered outside as if i was being called to do so. i was then in my former neighbors front yard. there was a silver disk with 3 very beautiful human like beings. one "felt " male and the other two "felt" female. this was a sort of telepathic feeling i just sensed who they were and they felt familiar to me almost like meeting long lost relatives. they emanated and incredible feeling of peace love and other things that i just cannot put into words. they ushered me into the craft. we ascended straight up. i don't really know what was going on outside the craft although it did not ascend by any means we know of today. the craft itself was operated by one of the female beings. the craft seemed to "know" her. the male and other female sat on either side of me. we had a deep conversation about life existence and our purpose here on earth. we then arrived wherever were. i have no idea where. it again just felt familiar. we exited the craft and we were inside of a building. there were many more beings of the same type. the area was large very beautiful and bright, there was an enormous sitting area where we continued to discuss very deep subject matter. the other entities were also communicating it was like a council or a meeting. i felt such an incredible amount of love that i did not want to leave. suddenly they told that i had to come back that i would be ok and "they" would always be with me. i suddenly woke up in my bed. i dismissed it as a lovely dream. a couple days later while checking my mail box i noticed a circular pattern in the grass in my front yard. the grass was bent over much like you would see in a crop circle. i asked my husband what it was and he had no idea. then i realized that the "dream" i had. had actually occurred and the craft had landed in my front yard. i told my husband this and of course he dismissed it. we never talked about it again until recently it came up in conversation and i said what could have caused the indentation and i wished i had taken a picture to which he replied we should have had the soil sampled. he admitted that when i first showed him the first thought he had was ufo and then after telling him the story he was so internally shaken up he couldn't think about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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