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Thursday, August 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on 2018-08-30 12:10:00 - Starlike glittering sphere too slow to be a plane

I just booked a lyft to go see my father downtown. i was standing on the corner of exeter and lancaster, and while i was waiting i looked up at the construction site next to my work building, also on lancaster st. a star was in view, then i noticed it wasn't a star because it was moving. i've tracked and watched the iss cross the evening sky in the past, so i know what that looks like with the naked eye and this was not it. it felt weird because it was moving a lot slower than any high-flying aircraft. i watch them all the time from the harborside, as bwi airport is south from this location. so i see a lot of different sized jets, planes, even a vtol osprey once. i'm an avid believer, but seems i only get to see the edge of things for myself, so this is exciting that i actually got footage of the object. i say object, because i could see someone saying it's a balloon ...Or something, but it wasn't drifting, tilting or spinning from what i could see. it wasn't in a cluster and balloons tend to rise on the wind, so there's not a direct path like this thing had. i clicked home twice on my samsung s8+, which brings up the camera. i tried to keep it centered in the few seconds i could shoot, but you can see it twinkle. it wasn't constant or a steady pulse, just glinted. you can hear my voice in the video. the only reason i stopped recording was because my lyft arrived. i took a few pics, again with the same phone. i'm glad i can actually see it in the pics too. i told my driver what i saw, he just said, "really?". when we passed by aliceanna, i looked up from the backseat and saw it still up there. that's the last i saw of it. if i was standing, facing ne, then the path of the object had to be sse, maybe? towards the chesapeake bay's mouth? i'm hoping someone on your end can at least analyze the pics and vid to see if it has any shape or detail i couldn't see. again, it looked like a slow-moving star, then it seemed metallic and reflective, like a round dot all the way up there. it didn't seem like a balloon nor plane. i've seen those flying that high and those boys always move fast and usually leave contrails here and there. this was different. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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