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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Midland, Texas on 2018-07-19 22:11:00 - Ufo not seen but caught on camera

In an attempt to show my mom what i have been experiencing in the night sky, i went outside in my backyard with her and my boyfriend. this case is peculiar seeing as i have reason to believe the ufo or whomever was aboard it hacked my cell phone. i had all three of us staring up at the sky from our line of chairs and we began to see a strange white light pass over above our heads. i had not much of a clue what it was so i pulled out my cell phone to take a video. after 4 seconds, that number is important, i stopped the video because i saw that the light was not registering on my phone. i stopped the video and put my phone away. my mother and boyfriend witnessed me do this. after another ten minutes or so of nothing, i defeatedly went back inside and let it go. going in to delete the photo, i saw that the video was now 21 seconds long instead of 4. having no idea how this is possible, i watched the whole thing and saw that after the first 4 seconds, the mode had changed to slow-motion and then there is a small green light followed by a loud explosive noise. none of us heard that with our own ears. no one saw a green light either. i have no recollection of recording past 4 seconds and i have no idea how it was switched to slo-motion and caught a light and a sound none of us heard. stranger still, my phone will not allow me to send the video to anyone. when i send it, only the 4 seconds i recorded can be watched. the rest of the video is a glitch. in order to get it to where i could send it, i had to download an app that lets me screen record my phone screen. that is what is attached to this report. the green light simply appears towards the bottom of the screen and then a loud noise can be heard and the video ends. seeing the video afterwards, i am both frightened but intrigued as well. i guess aliens have hackers too!

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Credit: MUFON

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