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Monday, August 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greenbelt, Maryland on 2018-08-23 21:20:00 - Compulsion to travel to site outside, feeling of anticipation, star-like lights/orbs "dancing" with each other, beam of light on treetops, distance unknown

On the night of 8/23 at approximately 9pm i felt drawn to visit buddy attick park/greenbelt lake following dinner despite never having this urge at night previously, and the park being closed for the day. i parked in the parking lot of the park in pitch black, noticed one person leaving (who seemed perfectly normal), and walked to the park bench in total darkness. significantly (i now realize), i felt no urge to bring my phone despite the darkness, leaving it in the car. it is unusual for me to not carry my phone, outside of morning/evening runs. bluish white and orangish white light appeared to "dance" with each other, as if in a ballet/musical production. sighting maybe 5-10 seconds in length. i *may* have a few minutes of missing time, unsure, minimal if so. the experience seemed extremely personal. i have no idea how big these lights were, so altitude is impossible to judge. the sighting lasted maybe 5-10 seconds but it was absolutely unambiguous that it occurred and i am certain the event could have been captured on video if taken. i saw one person leaving the lake when i arrived (who seemed totally normal), and no cars in the parking lot when i left. the time was 9:21pm when i returned to my car. the altitude of lights was impossible to judge. they were star like points of light, one with slight bluish-white coloration, one with orangish-white coloration. a very bright white light flashed on tree tops on north side of lake following the sighting (while orange object was still visible), which could possibly have been very bright new led headlights from a car, but the angle was strange, the lights didn't move, and there were no cars in the parking lot when i returned. no beam of light was seen, only the light on treetops. if the light was connected to the sighting, i believe the star-like lights were small and roughly above the ne side of the lake. i felt intense static electricity in the air shortly before the sighting started, my hair stood straight up,and i had an overwhelming feeling of anticipation that something out of the ordinary was about to happen. i believe there is possible related evidence on my car still, which resembles a milky white residue left behind by small round objects of two separate sizes impacting the glass (marble size and golf ball size). while i did not notice any activity around my car, the markings are quite prominent, the pattern is unusual, and the placement is strange for mudsplash, etc. the residue does not resemble bird poop, bugs, or other standard residue (i am well acquainted with these markings on my car, believe me). the "splash" angle is also strange, as it appears to come from a 45 degrees from the passenger side rather than head on or from the side, and the residue is of completely uniform materials. the markings are quite easy to spot and i do not recall them at all prior to the sighting (noticed them quickly the next morning). i have taken samples of this residue as well as video and pictures, which i can provide if requested. disregard the obvious brown bird droppings in one picture. all told there were about 12 of these markings, of two different sizes, some of which are gone as i removed them or took samples. they dissolve in water, have no smell, and taste chalky or earthen. these markings remain on my car four days later, but they will be gone with the next rain for sure. i am happy to meet with an investigator in northern va or even southern pa if deemed worthwhile, if the distance is reasonable. experience was absolutely beautiful. i would not hesitate to use the word "angelic." left me feeling completely at peace. i have attached some images which break down/recreate the sighting. note that the recreation uses daytime imagery but the sighting took place at night. no technology i am aware (aircraft, satellites, drones, etc) readily explains the sighting. i believe other witnesses may exist in the homes on the lake, or perhaps witnesses for similar events at other times if not on that night itself.

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Credit: MUFON

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