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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mayville, Wisconsin on 2018-08-12 02:55:00 - 2 bright lights slowly tracking across the sky like satellites orbitting the earth together.

Sunday morning 2:53am cdt i was laying outside observing the perseid meteor shower when all of a sudden almost straight overhead two bright stars caught my eye. my first thought was "i didn't notice those stars the first hour and a half i laid here". next thing i noticed they were getting brighter and moving together heading directly south like a pair of satellites orbiting the earth together. the light in back became much brighter than the light in front. at the time i believed these were not lights, but the sun reflecting off of the objects. as the two moved further south they dimmed out as though they had moved out of the direct sunlight. about the last 20 seconds before they disappeared and the objects were almost directly south of me, i could here what sounded like an airliner exhaust, but it wasn't the same sound that an airliner makes. the sound was much deeper and had a hum to it. this now made me believe the 2 lights were connected to the same object, but i thought to myself "there's no way that it can be any type of craft known to man as the distance between the lights would make this thing extremely long. if this object was in our atmosphere there is nothing known to the common human being that is this big in our skies. if the object was in space orbiting our planet, i would say it is more than 10 miles long. either way i know what i saw and as of sunday morning i am totally convinced that i witnessed a ufo that is not known to the normal man. i'm not saying it was an alien spaceship, but i am saying there are crafts out there that are known by human beings on this planet that are not sharing the info with the general public or they are simply not telling us the truth.

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Credit: MUFON

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