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Saturday, August 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Havana, North Dakota on 1998-02-14 20:05:00 - I saw a blue ufo slowly fly over my car, stop over a farmstead, land behind the house and leave.

I was 14 at the time of the sighting. my younger brother and i took my car to a pistol shooting club to shoot targets. i shot first, so i went out to our car to do homework, while my brother shot. it was about 8:00 pm or so. it was in february and snow was on the ground. i was sitting in the driver's seat with the car off and lights off in the old school parking lot. all of a sudden, a large blue ball of blue light slowly flew right over my car. it moved slowly and it seemed like it was a glass ball with flowing blue lava in it. it lightly glowed, and the inside was bright blueish. it slowly and lowly flew over a farmstead a mile away or so, stopped over their house, and lowered behind their house, lighting up the farmstead. after four seconds, it ascended above the house again, stopped, and then shot to the southeast. it went fast! and it didn't speed up either, it just shot like a bullet. then it faded away quite quickly. i remained calm, and it seemed non-threatening. that is suprising, considering i've always been afraid of the dark. there is no way that if was man made. it could not be mistaken for anything else. i went into the shooting range and told a few people, and they kind of looked at me strange, and one old rancher told me a story of a cattle mutilation. i think he believed me. i got my brother and we went home. i told my dad and i think he believed me. he told me that my uncle bill saw the same light 20 miles or so north of where i saw it. i have always wondered what the folks at that farmstead saw, if anything. i have also wondered why it flew over my car, when there were ten other vehicles in the parking lot. i have to people once in a while, when i feel comfortable enough, but not very often because it seems like more often than not, people look at me strange. i have only talked about it once with my uncle, a long time ago. i am afraid of ridicule so i dont talk about it much, and that bugs me, because it was something out of this world.

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Credit: MUFON

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