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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Breckenridge, Colorado on 1972-08-31 00:00:00 - Saw irratic moving star. seemed to approach my location once observed. lost time. believe i had multiple semiannual visits after with night paralisis.

I was near the contintental divide (eastern, the divide splits here) in summit county, colorado, 7 miles west of breckenridge by road. in an area formally known as tiger run on the blue river (a former mining settlement). i was looking west while standing outside the cabin and then looked up to the stars. i saw one star moving fast and then it zigged in the sky. i thought that was interesting and kept watching. it appeared to then come toward me (still high in the sky). i felt afraid and got the sense it had seen me. i thought i saw passengers. i felt like i was like a rabbit hiding in the brush. i was still standing in the open, however. the sighting ends at this point, but i next thing i remember is the thing was gone from sight and when returning to the cabin, the first question asked was "what took you so long?" i said i was only gone a minute, five minutes tops. he said i was gone over a half hour. i blew off the event at the time, but i had repeated events every 1 to 5 years that i can remember. from the ages between 20-55. usually occurring at night. of the times i remember, i had night paralysis, somtimes feeling like i was removed from room, usually through a window or through obstructions. i sometimes would see usually 3 entities at the foot of the bed before removal. there was sometimes undiscernible "talking". it didn't seem to matter where i was or who i was around, when these night events occurred. noboby else ever seemed to be aware of this. the events seem to have ended since i'm now postmenapausal. having apparently concluded the full extent of the ordeal, and having only a fuzzy awareness of what happened, i am interested in regression tactics. please contact me.

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Credit: MUFON

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