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Monday, August 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Loudonville, Ohio on 2018-08-24 02:30:00 - Loud screaming cackling. big bright white with light blue mix eye shine that were about a foot apart.

I was night fishing alone in ohio. started about 10 pm . i felt like something was was watching me shortly after i arrived. i could hear something across the river on the bank line back in the woods . i had been fishing for about 2-3.5 hours when i herd a very loud scream/cackling sound. it was a cross between like a hyena a dog being hurt and a growling all mixed together. it lasted about 10 seconds. i shined my tactical flashlight that is very bright and started scanning along the river bank across and to the right of me and spotted two very big bright white and bright light blue mixed colored eyes that were every bit a foot apart. when i first spotted what ever it was it was in the woods just behind the river bank line. i was about 30-40 yards away maybe closer. it was upright by a tree when the light hit it’s eyes . it closed its eyes and when i was able to find it again it had moved 20-30 feet closer to the river bank where there was a rotted fallen tree laying from wood line to the river..It would bob it’s head up and down behind the log every time my light hit its eyes. it then made splashing sounds in the river that scared me even more that i lost track of it again. at this point i’m frozen. i’m 5’10”260lbs and can hold my own. i have never been so terrified/ freaked out in my life and i’ve seen some crazy stuff in my time. my pick up truck was only 10 yards away from me with a loaded semi automatic rifle in the back seat. i didn’t want to turn my back on what ever it was to run and leave. after about 15 minuets and i got my legs back under i grabbed my stuff and took off. when the sun came up i went back and fished for a little wile and wanted to go look for some kind of track but was to shaken up, still am and it’s been 3 days. i don’t have any idea what type of animal has that kind of eye shine and size, let alone would come towards you and duck behind a tree and watch you. any animal i’ve ever known will stand still or go away from you. i have two friends that encountered something similar up river from where i was but said there was 8 sets of eyes and they have audio/video of it. i can tell you where this took place is a hot spot for seeing things in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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