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Monday, August 6, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Delphi, Indiana on 2018-08-05 00:00:00 - I have been watching the same ufo for years nightly. can be seen nearly every night.

We have lived here since 2012.It was shortly after moving in while i was letting the dogs out before bed that i fist saw it. i noticed that we have a very nice area right from out back porch door for viewing stars and i have always loved stargazing! so i stood outside for a little bit. i was in a motorcycle accident in 2008 and lost my leg and crushed my hip and ever since i have had sleeping problems so i am often up while everyone else is sleeping. so i often let the dogs out around midnight or later. i am usually up by 4am as well. great times for stargazing! anywho, the first night i saw what looked like a star and had been there the whole time,go from a normal star brightness to so bright that it lit up the area. then its lights shut off. i thoght maybe i just saw a dying star. then right over my head it lit up again but much like when you slowly turn a light on with a dimmer switch. again it got super bright and now you could tell it was moving. then the light would shut off again and it would move. this was vary random. sometimes flashing immediately and other time moving many miles before lighting up again. i have seen flairs and it surely was not that at all. sometimes right before it is very bright you can see that there is something with structure there. so, it does this for about 5 minutes or so and then it zipps super fast all the way across the sky and is gone. shortly after it did that i saw two jets quickly heading in the same direction. i have been watching this same event from then till now. i have shown my wife and kids as well. we were fine with leaving it alone. i have seen those shows where people reported things like this and then get harassed by the government so we didn't want anything like that to happen to us. well, things have changed recently. there are more and much different events. it seems like things have ramped up and they have even been more bold doing things while there are passenger jets in the sky. before if a plane of any sort came into the area the object would either just make its self to look like a star or it would go dark until the plane was well out of site. the new events do not appear to be the same object. i have seen a square object that pops into view and then zip real fast and for a short distance and disappear. i have been seeing often a new orange color ufo that also does the dimmer and have seen the orange one and the white one turning on and off their lights as if they were doing some sort of code. i have seen what looks like a star moving across the sky at a steady pace and changing direction. i dont know what's going on but i have been watching the exact same ufo almost nightly for years and in the past two to three months there has been too much to list in his fork and some of it is pretty strange. i heard some neighbors out a few days ago and they saw one of the events as well. i haven't reached out to them as i am not sure exactly which house it was but there was a group of them. i would be open to an investigation but would like to stay anonymous. i have tried to get video and pics but my phone just makes the night sky look like dark static. chance that you will see something here is very high!

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Credit: MUFON

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