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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Johnson City, Tennessee on 2012-09-21 04:30:00 - It was about 4:30am when the house started rumbling or vibrate and windows shaking , i thought maybe a big truck went down the rd. and then i it started vibrating again ,.. i rushed out front of the house this time and seen a huge circular dark gray disk

I believe it was on a tuesday or wednesday very early in the morning around 4:30am , i lived with my mom and my dad and my bedroom was in the basement ,.. i was up early because through the week i always got up early with my mom so i could make her coffee and sit and talk with her before she left for work , i've always done that for her ,.. so anyways , i just happened to be in my room downstairs when all of a sudden the dang house felt like it was vibrating , it even vibrated the windows and they were even shaking , at first i thought maybe a big truck went down the rd. ,.. i thought well maybe a big truck but that's never happened before in the past 20+yrs that we've lived there ,.. so it was maybe 5 or 10 minutes later when the house and windows started vibrating again , so this time i run up the steps and out to the front yard and i saw this huge dark grey circular thing passing very slowly over the house ,.. i've never in my entire life ever seen anything like that and still haven't to this day but one of the things that i couldn't figure out was it vibrated the entire house but by the time i got outside it was just then passing over my neighbors house but it was completely quiet ,.. now how in the heck was it shaking the house and windows but i'm looking at it with my own eyes and its completely quiet ,.. i was just frozen standing there in the front yard trying to figure out what i'm seeing ,.. not a sound and no lights but it was maybe 50 to 100ft above the ground going maybe 5mph over my house and i'm watching this thing slowly move over my neighbors house and i can't hear any noise at all ,.. it was actually very strangely quiet because around that time in the mornings there usually birds chirping but i didn't hear anything at all ,.. all i could do is just stare at this thing and i'm trying to figure out what in the heck am i looking at ,.. were we live we are nowhere were airplanes fly over , from time to time we'll hear the wings air rescue helicopter fly way over the house going to and from the medical center and there's no way that what i'm looking at is a hovering helicopter , we've lived there for more than 20yrs and never heard anything like that at all , whatever it was that i was looking at was just about as high as the telephone poles are , like i say it was maybe 50 to 100ft off the ground but i'm not good at math or measuring things but it was going like 5 to 10mph very slowly over my house and passing over the neighbors house by the time i got outside ,.. i know i heard it the first time and thought it was a big truck going down the rd. so that means it had to have gone over my house twice within 5 minutes or so ,.. since i saw whatever that was its constantly bothered me because i couldn't figure out what it was i saw ,.. i don't live near any airport or military sites so i've never been able to convince myself that it might be one of those ,.. it bothered me so bad that i started talking to a psychiatrist about what i had seen and now i'm on disability for anxiety and depression and mannic depression so since i tried to talk to him about it i'm now on disability because he thinks i was hallucinating and thinks that since then i've i'm capable of either hurting someone or try to commit suicide .. both are completely wrong ,.. all i wanted to know was what did i see above the house , i thought by talking to a psychiatrist that he might could help me but i sooo wrong and now i've got a truck load of medication that i take every night ,.. i know now to keep my mouth shut about that situation before he literally has me locked up in a looney bin ..

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Credit: MUFON

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