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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San Salvador, San Salvador Department on 2018-08-26 16:00:00 - It fell from the sky then it suddenly stopped and hover for 30 seconds and it moved to the west

I was watching the rain and clouds as they where coming near my house, when suddenly something fell from the sky and stopped near telephone antennas, it hover for around 1 min, it looked like it was like water base, it didnt looked solid and it was cycling from bottom to top and it had a reflection to it, sometimes it became invisible for less than 1 second. i knew 100% that what i was seeing was not man made, it is hard to discribed and i couldnt take a video of it, just pictures. after it hover for around 1 min it started moving west bound at a slow speed, maybe 20mph for 5 seconds and then it moved maybe at 30mph and it kept that speed until i couldnt see it anymore. it never fluctuated vertically after it drop from the sky. it stood at the same hight all the time. i was on the phone while it happend talking to a friend and i was just saying to my friend how weird the sky was, there where tornado looking clouds above my house around 5 minutes before it happend. also it did started raining while it came down from the sky and i know it moved against the wind. i even took a picture of the weather conditions and the wind direction when it happend.

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Credit: MUFON

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