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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Skanee, Michigan on 2018-08-17 21:36:00 - Orange/red sparkling, pulsating sphere hovering stationary for two minutes

We were on a 25 foot fishing watercraft on huron bay near skanee michigan, lake superior, baraga county. it was very cloudy. all of the evening sunlight was gone and we were navigating by radar. i was keeping an eye on the tips of the fishing rods when right in the center of my vision appeared a stationary orange buzzing/pulsing light. the light had the activity of an intense energy source like an arc welder and not light such as an incandescent or led light. it had random surges and sparkles and pulsating energy which is why i chose to start recording it with my iphone. the light appeared to be surrounded by clouds except for the opening to the lake which amplified its aura or glow. i quickly noticed it had no aviation lights which immediately made the sphere highly suspicious as a traditional aircraft. it remained stationary despite my video causing it appear to dodge back and forth between the fishing rods, this motion was being caused by the waves on the lake. two other men with me witnessed what i captured on video. we were hungry, we were having a good time, and had some laughs about this potentially being a ufo sighting. it wasnt until i researched other videos available on the internet about orange spheres that i realized how significant this encounter was when i found other examples of videos of the same light in the sky, some going as far back as 2011 (pa orange light ufo.) after watching the video several times it seems that the sphere may had sped off in a further eastern path while also going lower in the sky as if to follow the same altitude from of the surface of earth as it faded out of sight quickly. this area (county)is on the southern end of lake superior where you dont see the other side of the lake on the horizon when you look north, its a very large body of water. we were in the narrow huron bay which sits behind a peninsula of land on the west and east sides. i have some luck or skill spotting estimated distance with land from the water and so using that experience i estimate this sphere was 6 to 8 miles away and potentially 25 to 50 feet in size. it was at the lowest inner base of the low flying clouds somewhere 1000 feet to maybe 2000 feet high. it did not occur to me to check the radar, perhaps if it had stayed longer than 2 minutes i might have thought to look at the 36 mile radar on our watercraft. on the video you will also see a light reflection on one of the fishing poles that comes from the navigation light above our radar dome. i wished i had thought to zoom in and take the encounter more seriously.

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Credit: MUFON

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