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Monday, August 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Skegness, England on 2018-08-06 00:00:00 - 4 craft entered atmosphere, flew in diamond formation, 3of4 crafts wobbled

I was night fishing on the skegness coast in the uk. i do a lot of night fishing, i enjoy staring at my rods (in the hope it will twitch with a fish on the end) with the stars and moon in the background. sitting on the shore, watching my rod tips which were lit up by the crescent moon, and a torch, i had clear vision and clear skies, zero clouds. there were many shooting stars last night/this morning - i observed about 30 between 11pm - 5am. i observed 4 what looked like shooting stars - as if one shooting star had broke up into 4 particles on atmosphere entry - as they entered they were bright white, exactly like a shooting star - after 2seconds the brightness of the objects decreased to about 85% intensity. they entered the sky high and north east, flew in easterly direction. they flew in a diamond formation. very wierd! 3 of the 4 objects meandered, moved up / down / left /right - not sharp edgey movement but clear changes in direction. (in my opinion it was as if the crafts entered the atmosphere on an autopilot, then once below cloud level, the craft switched from auto pilot to manual control, which is when 3 of the 4 craft suddenly moved off the straight path and rolled up and down or left and right a bit, then i think the pilot gained full control of their craft and rejoined the diamond formation.) all 4 objects leveled off, to 400ft - 800ft - returned to diamond formation and what looked like (i may be wrong due to judging distance) - flew over the wind farm on the coast of skegness and then flew out to sea. i then lost sight. this took about 10 - 15 seconds. apart from ascending from the outer atmosphere which i cannot imagine distance - once they leveled off, i would say they flew about 1-2 miles easterly, then out to sea - must be another 2 miles before i lost sight - they flew as fast as a fighter jet - no noise! at this tie, the moon was about 30 - 40degrees in the sky - it was low, the crafts came in from the upper left, leveled and flew from left to right - they flew across the moon, it wasnt something in my eye! i do not wear tin foil hats, i don't believe in this type of thing but i know what i saw - i had drank no alcohol and was am of stable and normal mind. i was not tired, i am awake when i fish as am alert and observing for signs of a bite.. i have a samsung s5 - it would not have recorded the flying 4 lights in the dark night sky - i did contemplate trying to get my camera - it was in my fishing tent about 3metres away. i do not carry things in my pockets when fishing as they drop and get lost in the night sands.

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Credit: MUFON

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