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Saturday, August 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2018-08-17 23:15:00 - 3 yellow lights in a straight line hover then move over delaware river

I was driving home from near delaware ave. as i got on to the betsy ross bridge, to my left, near the tacony palmyra bridge, i noticed a line of three largish bright yellow lights. they were in a straight line, but at a 45ish degree slant. at first i thought it was just landing time at the philadelphia airport, and slightly dismissed them. about 3 second in i noticed they were hovering (or possibly floating some as it is hard to tell if they were moving since i was driving) and not changing like they do when planes land. since i was driving i couldn't just stare at them, nor could i tape them. as i came to the bend in the bridge, it is about a half a mile or so into the bridge, the three lights started to dim some. as i was watching, the top and bottom lights rotated around the middle light as its fulcrum. within 30 second to a minute they had continued to fade until they just disappeared. as i got off of the bridge i kept my eyes open to see if they showed up again. i had seen at least one plane head towards philly, but nothing suspicious immediately after i got off of the bridge. as i was driving up route 130 north i saw 2 of the lights again. i pulled over into a parking lot and filmed them. they hovered and drifted a bit to the west, or south it was hard to tell, until they disappeared again. a third time the 2 showed up, but as i tried to get to an area to clearly film them they just disappeared again. i was honestly a bit excited (neither good nor bad- it had also been a very odd night and this had my adrenaline going) having seen them. i tried to come up with any reasons that they weren't something i could explain. i am very used to the planes in this area heading to philadelphia international, we are in a landing pattern. up and until they rotated i thought maybe the lights had been flares, but flares dont move. it could have been something like drones i guess, it just didnt feel that way. it felt like the last time i had seen similar lights in the sky. the placement near the river was not that much different than the last objects, but they were different in color and movement. there was also lightning this time, which made it different.

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Credit: MUFON

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